Crushed Stone Supplier in Central NY

crushed-stone-supply-utica-nyAlliance Paving Materials, Inc. produces and supplies high quality crushed stone as an aggregate material to road paving, construction and installation companies throughout Central New York.

Crushed stone is extremely adaptable and is used as the foundation for pavers and bricks, as well as for repairing or even beautifying areas for driving or walking. It is a widely used raw asset in the construction industry. Crushed stone grades are classified by the size of the stone after it has been crushed, and the size then determines which application it will be used for.

Alliance Paving Materials, Inc. provides four categories of crushed stone grades:

  • #1 A Crushed Stone
  • #1 Crushed Stone
  • #2 Crushed Stone
  • #3 Crushed Stone

If you have a road paving or construction project and need help deciding what crushed stone grade you need, or need crushed stone in bulk for delivery, contact Alliance
Paving Materials, Inc.
today to receive information about our crushed stone paving products, materials, delivery options, and to receive a quote at (315) 337-0795.