Cold Patch Winter Mix Asphalt

cold-patch-asphaltAlliance Paving Materials, Inc. produces and supplies cold patch winter mix asphalt to road paving, construction and installation companies throughout Central New York.

Cold patch quickly repairs damaged roads during the winter months because it can be applied right from the container without heating. Alliance’s Cold Patch Winter Mix doesn’t require any special heavy rolling machines or special applicators as it can be shoveled or poured into a pothole or utility cut and pressed down with a hand tool.

Cold asphalt is not dependent upon warm weather and is used across Central New York all winter long. Alliance Paving Materials, Inc. supplies highway repair crews, construction and paving companies with cold asphalt for applications such as filling potholes with little or no pre-preparation work.  Alliance’s high quality Cold Patch Winter Mix can be applied to potholes with standing water and still get perfect patch results. Alliance supplies Cold Patch Winter Mix is used on roadways, highways, commercial parking lots, and driveways.

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